It’s time to be heard.  It’s time to be seen.

The floor is yours and you have maybe 30, 60 or 90 seconds to answer that question to get the conversations going the way you want, to say something that resonates to whoever is asking that question.

Now, you may get the conversation to continue, you may get a referral connection… or you may not. In either case, do you ever wonder whether what you say made sense when you said it? Do you simply assume you said it well and the words you said were the right words to use?

Have you ever asked for feedback? Maybe, just maybe, if you invest a little bit of your time, you might find out that you could be communicating clearer.

Stay tuned. We will be scheduling our next Workshop shortly.

Our GrayShitz “Short-Form™ Messaging Workshop 101” is simply focused on presenting 10 different best practices designed to improve how you communicate your message.  See this short video to get a sense of what to expect.

Hear what others have said about this workshop:

“I’ve changed things around. I feel more comfortable all because of the program that Bryan and Andy offer.”

“They really helped me with my :60 message and my longer messages and gave me specific ideas on how to improve them.”

“If you’re thinking about it, you are in for such a treat. It was so wonderful. It’s something you’ll want to do.”

“After taking their class, seeing the before and after, the way they present is absolutely phenomenal.”

Stay tuned. We will be scheduling our next Workshop shortly.

We also host an array of other critical workshops:

Short Form™ Messaging 303

This is where we hone in on your messages through intensive speaking and writing exercises.

Branding & Marketing Workshop 202

This is where we gain a clearer understanding of how your marketing should work for you.

Branding & Marketing Workshop 303

Our 8-hour all-encompassing program. How to write, budget and sell a marketing plan.

Strategic Planning Workshop 101

This 2-hour workshop covers market/competitive analyses, trends, gaps, SWOTs and more.

Strategic Planning Workshop 303

Our 4-hour offsite planning meeting where we guide your annual or quarterly strategic plan.

Inventing: From Napkin to Market 101

You have a great idea, maybe you got it patented. Now what? License it? Manufacture it?

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To take our 303 classes, you need to first take the 101 class and pass our final exam (LOL).