So much time is spent deciding who to work with when you need something to get done and you need to look outside your office for that help. We all spend sometimes, may be more times than we’ll admit to, an inordinate amount of time deciding who to work with.

You can get buried in this stuff. Second guessing yourself. Overdoing the due diligence. So, how do you get behind all of the analyses paralyses to find the right person or company to work with?

Here are a few thoughts to get past the analyses paralyses in deciding if to work with someone.  In fact, three one-syllable thoughts:

According to John Hopkins, there’s a brain in your gut!  Scientific studies show “that the inner voice working in concert with cold, hard information could lead to better decision making.”  So, how do you use your gut?

  • Are you experiencing sweaty palms, sleeplessness, an upset stomach, or loss of energy?  Then, the answer is no. 
  • Are you feeling a sense of peace and ease, or tingling and goose bumps on arms or legs?  Then the answer is yes.

We all know that “laughter is the best medicine” but did you know that cracking up is a catalyst for opening up?  Research suggests “that laughter is a social coaxer, making people feel more relaxed about the information they communicate.”  So, as storytelling helps to establish personal credibility, maybe tell a funny, true story that’s related to what you do or could offer.  Then judge the reaction.

The power of might, strength, or our passion.  “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” (Steve Jobs).  From Brett Bacon, the author of Millionaire Selling Secrets, “figure out what’s unique about what you offer that you can be truly proud of.” Then “put some passion into your voice by:

  • “Speaking with energy and commitment.
  • “Varying the pitch of your voice.
  • “Not letting the volume of your voice trail off at the end of your sentences.”

If everyone is on the same passionate page, then it could be a great business marriage.

Three simple words.  Three ideas to think about when meeting with customers.  Three ways to help you make a decision as to who to work with.

Another way is getting the words right, getting the message clear and getting what you say to be compelling. 

Our Short-Form™ Messaging Workshops and our “Shoot the GrayShitz™” private branding session can help you get there:

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GrayShitz Short-Form™ Workshop 101
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