We sometimes tell people that we met at a bar and while getting to know each other, we learned of each other’s last names (Gray & Lifshitz) and thought it would be crazy to do something with it…  “GrayShitz” was born and now we needed to do something with it.

Well, truth be told, we’ve known each other for a number of years and recognized two things: 1) we complement each other’s skills sets when it comes to branding and marketing; 2) we see a gap in the marketplace, specifically, that people and companies do not consistently figure out how they brand themselves – what to say, how to say it and to make sure their customers hear it as they need to hear it, not how they think they need to hear it.

So, we formed GrayShitz, and yes, GrayShitz is a funny (great, interesting, creative…) name, right? You’ll be thinking about us all day. Maybe you’ll tell someone else? Now we got you hooked and thinking more about us.  That’s branding.

To make this happen, we start this way… If you don’t communicate quickly in a manner that is compelling, the rest of what you say or write doesn’t get heard or read.  That’s Short-Form™ Messaging.  Making that great first impression.

We then help people and companies figure out how they brand themselves – what to say and how to say it.  When done well, your customers start thinking about you, they start considering your solutions and then they buy what it is that you’re offering. And, we help in getting this message out whether thru digital and/or traditional media.

So, in effect, it’s all about message clarity, making sure your business has a strong foundation, that’s well-structured and that can withstand the competitive forces that work against you. We call it Foundational Marketing™.

We shout it out for our clients and love seeing the difference that we make.

Our approach? How we do it is here.