“Getting your message right. Making sure you are
saying what your customers need to hear. If done
right, many more conversations and
opportunities will find you.”

Getting what you say or write to resonate.

GrayShitz is a full-service marketing and branding firm. We are focused on making sure what you say and how you say it resonates quickly with your customers in the way that they need to hear it. When done well, the conversations, materials, e-media, blogging, videos, etc., will get heard, read and seen.


We’re here to make sure you are making a great first impression. The messaging
you use is very important to make sure people hear you correctly.

What is it?

When we only have 140 or 280 characters or when we scroll
through Facebook, Instagram, etc., or with the limited
time that we spend surfing a website or look at an
email, if something doesn’t catch our eye we move on.
Don’t be overlooked!

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Is this really our name?

GrayShitz is a funny (great, interesting, creative)
name right? You’ll be thinking about us all day. Maybe
you’ll tell someone else? Now we got you thinking.
How is this our name?


How we get your customers to hear
and read what you say


We work with you to create a game plan that elevates your position in the market.


We work to identify who you are and why your customers will want to hear more.


We work with you to ideate and create so that what you say will be heard and read.


We work with you to identify, distribute and manage your social media online content.


We offer workshops to teach you how to market and brand yourself and your company.

with expertise in a broad range of industries. If you’re
looking for brand & marketing management, or just
advice, we’re ready to provide all the enthusiasm, proven
experience and new thinking you deserve!

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If you don’t communicate quickly in a manner that is compelling…

… the conversations you want to have happen don’t happen.


… the rest of what you say doesn’t get heard. … the rest of 


… the rest of what you write won’t get read and the calls-to-action won’t get clicked.