In just one workshop, we have seen our clients succeed 10-fold in the real world just one week later. This is a testimonial from an associate of this business consultant who attended a workshop:

“Awesome job on your presentation, one of the best that I have heard you do. Your format was very clear and well thought out. I wanted to let you know because it made an impression on me.”

♦  “Great tips for my personal brand.”
♦  “Feedback, content was succinct.”
♦  “Good information. Thanks for sharing.”
♦  “Well-organized content that was highly useful.”
♦ ” Learned a lot on networking techniques.”


“Andy and Bryan’s simple but effective approach in developing a short-from marketing message has benefited me in many different scenarios. I attend many different types of events and now craft a simple 60-second message for each event. Always keeping my rock solid short message on hand as a backup. This has allowed the listeners to understand what I do with a call to action, which has increased my engagement with potential clients. If you have the chance to take one of their workshops, do it. The time and money spent will allow you to get your message across in a short time frame and be highly effective.”
— Steve, (Certified Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer)

“I attended the GrayShitz branding class and was amazed at how much I learned! I had no idea how much my words, verbally and on paper made a difference in people honestly wanting to know more about my business. With just a short introduction, people are now intrigued and asking me (highlight me) questions! I can’t wait for the next class.”
— Cathy, (Canine Relationship Manager)


“I attended Gray Shitz Short Form Workshop several months ago and it was very informative and helpful! I liked the way Andy and Bryan conducted their presentation. They alternated back and forth seamlessly. They engaged all of us present and showed ways we could “clean up our act” so our “precious 60 seconds” would register with the listeners, prompting them to want to learn more and seek us out after a meeting. I came away from your exercise with 12 pages of scribbled hand written notes. I highly recommend their courses to anyone. You can have people call me about my experience in your class.”
— Shields, (REVERSE ENGINEER Extraordinaire)

“My short form messaging was too long on explaining what I do, by the end of the first class, I learned to focus on the benefits clients enjoy that solves their problems. People got what I do when I focused on what’s in it for them. Thank you, the class is invaluable.”
— Mike K., (LinkedIn Guru, Web Developer)

“In today’s complex business environments, we all have our own jargon. GrayShitz helps move you beyond that jargon and allows you to communicate effectively with prospects…. amazing; thanks guys.”
— Kara, (Business Analyst and Consultant)

“Branding in Short Form is well worth the half day investment. Bryan and Andy have a lot to useful information and stories. Just the exercise of getting feedback about how you come across from other participants makes it a good investment.”
— Timm, (Business Management Consultant)